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Transforming the landscape of environmental remediation for more than 40 Years.

Site Investigations
  1. Do you have contamination?
  2. What kind of contamination do you have?
  3. How much must be cleaned up?
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Remediation Solutions
  1. What is the nature of the contamination?
  2. How much must be addressed?
  3. What are the least expensive solutions?
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Underground Storage Tanks
  1. If it hasn't leaked, there's no need to remove/dispose of soil.
  2. If it does have holes, there still may be no need to remove soil.
  3. If there is a need to remove soil, only remove what must be removed.
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Environmental Due Diligence
  1. Never buy commercial property until you know it is contamination and UST free.
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#Why Saile Environmental Engineering & Design

Why Saile Environmental?

Saile Environmental Engineering and Design, LLC., is an environmental consulting firm located in Linden, New Jersey. With a team of licensed Professional Engineers and Geologists. Our President, Harry Elias, is a member of AIChE, National Society of Professional Engineers, and the Water Environment Federation. He has been specializing in environmental design and management for more than 40 years.



Harry’s the principal of Saile Environmental Engineering. After six months of helping us with getting approval for an underground oil tank that badly leaked, he went “over and beyond” his duties to help me get approval from the state. My New Brunswick house is now “clean”! Harry even dealt with my insurance company to ensure I got reimbursed from a costly spill that occurred in 2003! He knew what to do to see this would be the outcome! Soooooo……..I took him out to dinner at the “Shipwreck” (in Brielle) to celebrate the end to this debacle! yeah!!!

Nancy Nobile

If it weren’t for Harry, I would have walked away from an opportunity thinking that the property had an environmental problem, Thanks to Harry’s expertise, he was able to prove otherwise allowing me to move forward in confidence. Thanks, Harry!

Louis Beckerman, CPCU, CIC

My client in an estate case believed that there was no underground oil contamination from a residential oil tank belonging to the decedent, the facts proved otherwise when the tank was removed. Throughout the remediation process, Harry was on top of everything. As ground water was found to be contaminated… Harry was able to properly remove the oil from the soil, determine the insurance company in effect and have the oil contamination dated to prove when the leak occurred.

Ben Menasha

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