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About Saile Environmental Engineering and Design

Saile Environmental Engineering & Design is made up of a team of highly skilled environmental experts, each with over 30 plus years of experience; we also act as trusted advisors and advocates to effectively address our clients’ environmental challenges and to uncover hidden solutions that may help them recover some or all of the associated costs. Many of Saile Environmental Engineering & Design clients know very little about environmental compliance. Often, they are unaware of their environmental situation – or their options. And, just as often, they are aware of the situation but actively choose to ignore it. We get it. Environmental issues can be a scary prospect. And avoidance is a common behavior today with our overwhelming schedules and myriad challenges to be dealt with on a daily basis. Saile Environmental Engineering & Design is a multi-disciplinary group that has been in the environmental management and remediation business for over 40 years. We pride ourselves in being a top provider of site investigation services, commercial tank services, residential tank services, and site remediation, serving both the private and public sectors. We are also capable of providing complete in-house environmental services, including environmental construction, engineering, and geo-technical support. Unlike most of our competitors, we provide an in-house sub-service evaluator, and Professional Engineer that designs and prepares engineering documents, enabling us to produce full turn-key projects. By using all in-house personnel and equipment, we can give you the most efficient and economical option on the market. Our goal is to ensure our clients of compliance with regulatory policies, minimize the risks associated with poor waste management practices, and offer a cost-effective program tailored to fit your environmental needs.