Effective management means safely and cost-efficiently managing environmental liabilities in accordance with site-specific exit strategies.

We work as a team to develop the most cost-effective and aggressive remedial approach to site cleanup by understanding the basic concepts of the contaminants involved including, mobility and degradation factors, risk analysis, and remediation technology applicability.

Saile Environmental Engineering has the expertise and resources to manage a project from remedial selection, planning and design, through construction and commissioning, and throughout the effective operation, maintenance and monitoring (OM&M) stage to site closure and system decommissioning. We have extensive experience designing, constructing, and operating diverse systems for the remediation of environmental media including soil, groundwater, sediment, sludge, soil gas, and surface water.

The cost of remediation depends largely upon the time frame available to completion. If the client has established a long term for completion, he/she can spend a little money over a longer time period. However, if the objective is to sell as quickly as possible, then the same total amount of money will have to be spent in a shorter period of time.




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