Site Investigations

Environmental Due Diligence (Phase I)
An environmental site assessment helps determine the potential liability for cleanup of contaminated real property. The sources of contamination may originate from past use of hazardous materials on-site or from adjacent or neighboring locations. Contamination may be present in soil, groundwater, or structures.

Saile Environmental Engineering & Design, L.L.C. (SAILE) performs environmental site assessments utilizing state of the art professional protocols.

The extent and complexity of an Environmental Site Assessment can vary greatly depending on the site (for instance, farming vs. a chemical plant). Sometimes toxic materials are known to be on-site. This is a papper study intended to obtain a clear history of all prior operations at the site through past ownership and uses; and local, state and federal records. A detailed report is then prepared to identify areas of known or suspected contamination.

Site Investigations (Phase II)
Phase I findings may indicate the need to test the soil, groundwater, or building materials to confirm the presence or absence of contamination and/or the extent of contamination.

Remediation/Cleanup (Phase III)
If the testing in the Phase II indicates the presence of toxic/hazardous/contaminated materials, then remedial action may need to be taken. Phase III may consist of remediation, hazardous waste disposal, and final testing to show satisfactory completion. Negotiations with regulatory agencies may reduce the extent of remediation.

Sometimes a property owner has reason to suspect environmental issues on the property. Saile can review the operations at the site and develop soil and/or groundwater investigations to confirm the presence or absence of issues and their nature and extent. All of these activities can be completed in total confidence, allowing the property owner to develop a long-term strategy to engage in remediation efforts free from time constraints or regulatory pressures.


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