Environmental Cleanup Site

Buying Commercial Property can be exciting, especially after all the research and planning. Now that you have made the investment and hopefully you have gotten it at a great price.  Buying a new building can be a necessity if you’re bursting at the seams at your present location. It can be devastating if you don’t do a proper Environmental Due Diligence.

Without a proper due diligence, you won’t know if the prior owner had used gasoline tanks. You might not know that years before the building had a heating oil tank in the basement surrounded by concrete block walls. You might not know the building was once used to house a machine shop; which means the soil may or may not be contaminated with cutting oils and the ground water is contaminated with chlorinated organic degreasers!

We have seen many of these issues and more. But you don’t want to have to deal with these environmental issues after the fact; these issues can cause more financial expense now and in the future. Contact Saile Environmental Engineering and Design and we will do your due diligence. Let us protect your investment now and in the future.



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