Gas Station Ground Water

Reclaimed in Under Two Years!

Over three years, the client went through three environmental consultants and more than $120,000! All he had to show for it were five ground water monitoring wells and documented ground water contamination by BTEX (gasoline) compounds.

SAILE was retained in February 2000 to re-design the locations of the pumps and islands, install a canopy, and supervise all contractors to that end. All work was to be connected to three existing fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) underground tanks known to be in good condition. During the removal of the old dispensers, islands, and underground piping, FIVE previously abandoned 1,000-gallon underground steel tanks were found and addressed. All contaminated soil was removed and disposed of. Gasoline contaminated ground water was also encountered, pumped out, and disposed of. Clean fill was brought in, new piping, islands and dispensers were installed, and a canopy was erected.

Approximately two months after all new construction was completed, ground water monitoring wells were sampled to determine ground water quality. The analytical results confirmed that all ground water samples were within NJDEP Ground Water Quality Standards. The No Further Action letter was received from the NJDEP in November 2001 – 21 months after commencing work.